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Lets do crypto first then Tradfi.

As mentioned in the last update

We have been bullish for a while and it's been playing out pretty well.

Majors BTC ETH SOL have had another phenomenal weekly close.

The stage is set for an all-time high on all of them. we could be getting that very soon.

We got the BTC all-time high (ath) and highest-ever weekly close.

its typical to have some retracement at ATH levels to absorb all the supply before continuing the upward journey.

strong support areas for BTC are around 58K levels.

trend and momentum are firmly in the bullish territory and it's buy the dip season.

those who have access to the indicator can use 30 min/4hour timeframes as LTF/HTF respectively.

below is the how-to guide that was previously published. I've been working on updating this should be out shortly.

Web3Quant Indicator : How-To Guide
Although this guide is written for Web3Quant indicator the principles can be applied to any trend momentum indicator. As always it’s written for normies in ELI5 format. This is the 1st version. Will periodically be releasing updates to cover more questions and strategies etc. Heres some key bullets but you
BTC on 4-hour chart
DXY (USD) on 4 hour

We finally have a breakdown in USD. this is great news for Crypto and Stock bulls.

Typically after the breakdown we have a retest. This also nicely aligns with the potential retracement we spoke of earlier.

Coming to crypto model positions there are 4 exits. 1 entry.

Crypto Stocks

no change from what was mentioned previously.

CLSK MARA GLXY COIN KR1 are the cycle picks and are looking good.

for short-term trading, you can use the web3quant indicator on those.


Coming to TradFi model positions

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