What is Web3Quant (W3Q)?

Quant-based signaling algorithm. It comprises a Scanner and an Indicator.

It's designed to signal two things

WHAT to Long/Short.
WHEN to Long /Short.

The core tenets of the model are Trend, Momentum, Relative Strength, and Price Action.

It's based on a High Time Frame hence ideally suited for Positional or Swing Traders.

It's for someone who intends to capture big moves, and needs an unbiased EDGE but does not have the resources or time to Monitor the screen and trades 24/7.

It's NOT suitable for intra-day scalpers.

How to get access to the Web3Quant TradingView indicator and does the indicator work on free tradingview account?

Yes. the indicator works on a free tradingview account.

Send an email to the admin support mailbox (newsletterqueryglobal@gmail.com) with your tradingview username.

How much money will you make for the subscribers?

Anyone who claims they will make you any money should be instantly considered a SCAMMER or FRAUDSTER.

W3Q is for DIY traders. The "Y" in the DIY stands for yourself.

If you are looking for someone to handhold your trades then this is not the subscription for you.

Subscribers get access to Model trades.

They would receive regular updates containing Models Top picks with Entries & Exits.

How you choose to use that information for your entry/exits and sizing your trades will totally be up to you.

The information provided should be considered a research service and should be used at your discretion. None of it should be taken as personal financial advice.

W3Q does NOT have Discord / Telegram Groups or Channels.

Why should one subscribe?

Aligned Incentives When you are NOT paying for the product, YOU are the product (aka the bottom of the food chain / Exit Liquidity). Here the incentives are aligned. Everything is done to add value to the subscriber.

Only Signal No Noise You're either Long, Short, or in CASH. Everything else is Noise.
All W3Q updates will only contain ACTIONABLE insights.
NO subjective, IF this happens THEN that could happen kind of analysis.

Transparent What you see is what you get. No gimmicks. All posts (not just selected winners) are made public after a few days, allowing everyone to assess what's being sent to premium subscribers. Read them before subscribing.

Consistent and Reliable W3Q has consistently recommended coins with outsized gains. All of them are available on the Twitter account & in the posts on this site with timestamps and can be easily verified.

Robust The most recent bear market of 2022 was one of the most challenging periods for crypto investors. Model was able to protect capital by sitting on 100% CASH and outperformed the market.

Having said all that, Trend & Momentum Systems is NOT for everyone.

W3Q has also published a HOW TO guide explaining the Pros and cons of Trend Momentum systems and things to consider should you want to build one.

It's important to be aligned with the strategy and the style of the model else you will never be able to benefit from it.

Do you accept Crypto Payments?

The payment can be made in stablecoins. The address will be provided upon request.

Those interested can send an email to the admin support mailbox (newsletterqueryglobal@gmail.com)

What assets will be covered in the premium crypto subscription?

Model tracks ALL of the coins listed on CEXs (Binance/Coinbase) and on-chain plays via DEXs (Uniswap) and Solana Ecosystem coins (via Jupiter).

Will there be an ability for premium subscribers to get time from the W3Q creator to ask questions, request a review of their portfolio, and get individual support for their trades?

NO. Subscribers will only receive email updates. They can also view the posts on the site.

How many coins will be covered in the premium Crypto subscription at a time?

There will be a maximum of 30 coins at a time.

Why 30?

Many don't have access to All Altcoins and Exchanges. Some cannot participate in smaller Alts due to their portfolio size and liquidity constraints.

Hence the Model coverage will have a mix of Majors and Minors which would address the constraints.

Also, this would allow many to have a realistic allocation range of 3%-10%.

What assets would be covered in the Premium TradFI subscription?

The idea is to have an All-weather Quant strategy that takes care of generating gains regardless of market conditions and regimes.

  • Growth Stocks (covered via Models top Stock picks which are primarily in the Tech/Internet/Crypto sector)
  • Cyclicals (covered via Commodities such as Oil)
  • Defensives (covered via US Dollar ($DXY) and Bonds ($TLT))

During the low inflation or Money printing or low-interest rates environment, the Growth bucket will do well as seen in 2020 and 2021 for instance.

During the high inflation, high-interest rates environment, etc. Cyclical and Defensive bucket tends to do well as seen in 2022 for instance.

Depending on the flavor of the season, the Quant Model will position itself in the suitable asset classes and will be bullish or bearish accordingly.

During an extremely bearish scenario, it would just sit on CASH.

Would premium subscribers also get advice on how much % to allocate to each Coin/Stock/ETF?

No. That would be considered personal financial advice. All allocation decisions should be at the discretion of the subscriber.

Some of the coins/stocks have run up too much, I am not comfortable entering now. Should I enter now? or when to enter? or when to exit? Can you advise?

No. That would be considered financial advice.

As part of the subscription, Subscribers get access to Model trades. The information provided should be considered a research service and All Entry/Exit decisions should be at the discretion of the subscriber based on their risk appetite and preference.

Can you publish the Entry/Exit prices?

The strategy is based on the Daily time frame. Daily Closing prices should be used as entry and exit prices.

Also, anyone who wants to calculate the performance of Model calls should use Daily closing prices too.

What about invalidation levels?

The strategy and the invalidation levels mentioned are based on Daily closing prices. So ideally, subsequent updates would cover the Exits anyway.

Will premium subscribers get new coins/stocks every day?

NO. The W3Q will only publish the model’s best picks. Therefore, coins will be held until the invalidation is triggered or the model's stance has changed.

New coins/stocks will only be added/replaced in the case of the model identifying a new coin that may outperform a coin that was selected in the previous updates.

The average "HODLing" period of the longs has been a few weeks.

Will you offer a Trial period or Refunds?

NO, and NO.

All of the model's calls were published live on Twitter and on this site for over a year. Check those out and decide if it's for you, before subscribing.

Why do you make the posts public after a few days? As a paying subscriber what value am I getting?

Posts are made public later on, in the spirit of transparency and consistency.

Also, the information in the updates is time sensitive so the value proposition for the paid subscribers is never diluted.

Other Frequently Asked Questions!

Who are you W3Q? What's your story?

I am an engineer and I specialize in creating Quant-based algorithms.

I have been investing in the TradFi markets since 2006. I am not a day trader nor am I a diamond hands HODLer.

Risk management and exits are a key part of my style.

Most crypto influencers/traders on Twitter, tend to operate in an extremely short time frame, where the move is done even before you assess or act.

Shill their bags, state the obvious, and hedge their cryptic tweets with both bull and bear posts. Only to conveniently bring it up later to claim how right they were.

It's mostly noise and no Alpha. I intend to change that with Web3Quant.

I want to build something that I would personally consume.

My vision is to make W3Q a go-to place for unbiased actionable insights

which is only available to Pros, not rookies.

What other Models have you built?

Each Asset class has its own rhythm and volatility profile. Hence there are different models for each such as Crypto, TradFi, and NFTs.

All my models are based on the same timeless principles but how I capture them quantitatively, varies a lot.

The past performance looks too good to be true. If you were that good you would be managing money for a hedge fund. Just tell us how are you scamming us.

A lot of people have this idea that for a trader to be legit and successful, they need to be managing money. But nothing can be far from the truth.

Managing money requires spending the bulk of the time in admin work, managing clients and their emotions, and lots of unnecessary calls and meetings.

A lot of red tape and bureaucracy too. A fund manager is never truly free to just focus on Trading and Strategy alone.

Also, there can never be one fund that can cover different categories of investors across the globe. It requires multiple setups, strategies, a bigger team, security & backend infrastructure, and most likely a corporate kind of setup.

Although it makes a lot more money for the fund manager and looks great from an outsider's perspective, It's really NOT for everyone.

In the creator economy, there are other ways to do things and hence I chose a subscription model over managing money.

As far as performance is concerned. All posts since inception are made public and can be easily verified. All assets are back-tested since their inception to ensure the robustness of the Model.

Why High Time Frame (HTF)? Why not Lower the Time Frame (LTF)? The model would be even better than what it is and so much more responsive, No?

It depends if you are after Fast Money or Big Money.

The model is designed for the latter and focuses on wealth creation.

It does so by going after only explosive trends and momentum. This results in strong moves that you often see.

It's not a coincidence that model picks do 50%-100% and sometimes multiple X returns just days after it goes Long.

In the last bull cycle Model was able to catch 100x moves in Matic,Sol, Axie and Many 10x-50x moves in other coins.

During their up move, NOT some but ALL of these coins had mid-week sharp pullbacks in the range of 30%-40% before continuing upwards.

NO lower time-frame quant model would've stayed long in such cases and would've missed out on those mega winners.

Lastly, HTF allows you to build positions, scale in and out, and not be glued to your monitor 24/7.

The ROI on time spent is priceless. Most LTF traders burn out after a point.

How do you manage risk?

Although the Model generates superlative returns, it's designed to prioritize RISK Management over everything else.

There are predefined invalidation levels for every Long position. If those are Hit then Model exits, no questions asked.

Additionally, there is a regime filter built into the model which detects if it's a bull phase or a bear phase.

During the bear phase, the model automatically gets into Capital preservation mode, exits all positions, and gets into 100% Cash.

It plays both OFFENSE and DEFENSE.

Are you saying the Model has no weakness? What's the catch?

The model by design does NOT catch the tops, bottoms, or reversals. It's only designed to catch the meat of the move in both directions.

It goes long after the uptrend is established and by that time the asset is usually up 10-20% from the lows.

Also when the trend breaks and it exits, assets are usually down 10-20% from the highs.

Then there are whipsaws to deal with, which means after you exit, the very next week the model could go long again and vice versa.

Model is designed to tolerate volatility but humans are not.

These factors make it emotionally very tough to execute those signals.

So How does the Model handle the Black Swan event?

Firstly, it's fashionable nowadays to call every correction a black swan. Black Swans by definition are extremely rare.

The 2008 Crisis or LUNA crash was NOT a Black Swan. Many people saw it coming from a mile away.

Strictly from a trading/investing perspective, even COVID was not a Black Swan. News of the Virus came out somewhere in Jan 2020 and Markets crashed in Feb End.

Model Exited LUNA in the $80s.

Model was able to exit All positions on HTF before the COVID crash.

Both are on the performance page.

Just because something corrects a lot doesn't make it a black swan. It's when NOONE sees it coming, even the smart money.

Most of the time, smart money already knows that Sh*t is about to hit the fan, they exit and the footprint is easy to track.

FTX was truly a black swan where even the smart money was blindsided and everything crashed and burned within 48 hours from the time it came out.

Even during such an extreme scenario, the Model was able to exit SOLANA which was one of the closest coins to FTX, before it crashed by 65%.

Models sell call is publicly recorded and can be verified.

For true black swan scenarios, there's a disaster stop-loss built in.

If the model detects huge selling beyond a certain threshold level, across the board in ALL of its longs with high volumes then it Exits All positions.

So you follow the model yourself?

Yes. HTF Model is my go-to system.

Additionally, I have developed LTF models. I use them in conjunction with the HTF model to scale in and out of positions.

How can your subscribers use your model?

I have published a detailed HOW TO guide on this subject.

You always talk about LONG only and being in CASH. Is the model not capable of Shorting?

Model has the capability but they are not published.

The reason is that most, even those who consider themselves pro traders do not have the sophistication to Short and Make money.

Shorting makes great headlines but risk-reward is always better in going long.

Especially in a hyper-growth space like Crypto where the upside is multiple Xs whereas even if you get the shorts perfectly right you make 30-40% at best. coz no one shorts all the way to 0.

Historically even the greatest short sellers of all time have made 90% of their wealth going long.

Lastly, long only is hassle-free to implement, as one can build spot positions without leverage and ride out the volatility with ease.

How do I cancel the membership?

Everything is self-managed and automated by the Ghost newsletter platform, so there is no need to email to subscribe or cancel.

You can log into the portal. Go to your Account-> Click Change (2nd Row in Crypto) -> At the bottom, you will see a cancel subscription option.

You need to ensure you unsubscribe before your renewal date so that you are not charged, if you fail to do so then NO refunds will be processed.

"I did not Authorize payments. I need a refund."

Ghost.org (the newsletter platform) would NOT take the payment from your card unless you have explicitly chosen to upgrade to an annual membership or chosen/authorized a monthly subscription plan.

Those of you who intend to subscribe on and off periodically, make sure you cancel the subscription before the next renewal.

As mentioned above there's a NO refund policy.

** Web3Quant is not registered with any financial regulatory agencies. Web3Quant content is purely for research, education, and entertainment purposes and should NOT be considered personalized financial advice. Do your own research and consult your financial advisor.**