sol meme pick - cat szn


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markets are looking extremely bullish.

with DXY breaking down it's a good catalyst for the TradFI model too which has been sitting on CASH.

will be sending a detailed update over the weekend with TradFI longs along with crypto ones.

all model longs are still going strong.

sol is looking really good and it will have a big impact on sol ecosystem coins in the coming days.

sol is likely to make all time high soon.

even within sol memes theres a strong narrative forming around Cat coins.

we were already long

popcat under 3 million which is now at 180m.
arab cat since under 500k which is at 10m.

both of them looking primed for more gains.

among other memes CIRCLE & STAN are also looking very strong while momentum in wynn is fading.

Today's pick is another cat coin.

this is one of those where the volume footprint is increasing rapidly

has a big normie recognition and appeal.

if we do get a full-blown cat coin mania then this can do very well.

Here's the ticker, name, and contract address.

BENJI (Taylor Swift's Cat)


heres the standard meme disclosure.

NOTE: will NOT be tracking them along with the trend model updates as these cannot be purely played via trend models nor are they available on tradingview to run the indicator

If it moves 10x-20x dont wait for updates.

formulate your own profit booking and reentering strategy.

many of them have 90% drawdowns. its not for everyone.

wont be answering "if you hold this or that" or "what should I do now" questions.

will tweet about them as I see momentum in the markets.

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