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lets do model positions first. detailed memes update and 2 new meme plays after.

there are 3 new entries. 1 exit.

Coming to memes

I repeatedly give this disclaimer yet somehow it generates a lot of DMs

memes are zero or hero plays.

will NOT be tracking them along with the trend model updates as these cannot be purely played via trend models nor are they available on tradingview to run the indicator

If it moves 10x-20x dont wait for updates.

formulate your own profit booking and reentering strategy.

many of them have 90% drawdowns. its not for everyone.

wont be answering "if you hold this or that" or "what should I do now" questions.

will tweet about them as I see momentum in the markets.

last week I wrote this which is kind of playing out already.

and the reason to believe that was that after ATH on BTC

crypto will get a lot of attention from non-crypto folks and

the smaller memes they like could be very different from the ones that were popular with crypto natives.

memes that are getting the attention are doing well and getting all the flows

our picks like STAN is getting attention from the phantom wallet itself (one of many interactions in image below)

STAN continues to look good.

WIF and POPCAT are taking mind-share and continue to be promising winners.

its important to remember memes are trades too and we will follow the trends and momentum. they are not something that we will hold forever.

nothing is sacred. not even BTC.

as done many times in the past too when the trend is exhausted model has exited BTC too.

if you are new to crypto then you need to fully internalize this and position accordingly.

there are 1000s of Altcoins and memes launching every single day and

99.9% of them are destined to go to ZERO.

if you are expecting that regardless of what happens to trends we will be tweeting nonstop about these memes then you are likely to be disappointed.

Trading involves being both bullish and bearish and not just one way.

BENJI which was given at 3m. after touching the highs of 28m is currently at 12m.

trend would likely pick up steam if it manages to cross 16m.

ARAB which was given at under 800K. after touching highs 10m is now at 4m.

trend would likely pick up steam if it manages to cross 7m.

CIRCLE was given at 200K and it ran up to 20m (100x and I'm not even considering a spike wick to 44m here) and now at 8m.

circle once in the past too has done 97% dip and then 50x after.

circle is a great meme and the community is super active which is a good thing.

it also has the potential to be a normie-friendly meme.

currently, the price momentum is broken.

there are 2 ways to play this

trend would likely pick up steam if it manages to cross 13m. so technical folks should focus on that.

deep value - if it corrects a lot more and the circle team/community continues to be active as they did in the last correction then it could become a no-brainer play again.

There are 2 new Solana memes I like. they are already very popular but IMO they could pick up steam and momentum as the US election gets closer.

they are already getting traditional media coverage.

Here's the name, ticker, and the contract address.

BODEN (jeo boden)


TREMP (doland tremp)


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