New Improvements: TradingView Indicator coming soon...

Model picks have been on fire. Many of them are up over 100%-300% in SPOT without leverage since last month.

You can check them out here, here, here, here

I believe in continuous learning & improvements and am always seeking avenues to add more value to subscribers.

As hinted previously, for a while I’ve been working on a new tradingview indicator that the subs can use along in confluence with the model insights.

Currently, it's undergoing final rounds of backtesting and refinements.

Acquiring a food processor doesn’t make one a chef, just as purchasing a sword doesn’t make one a ninja.

Similarly, an indicator is only a tool.

It is effective as long as you apply other aspects of trading correctly. I have covered a lot of it in the GUIDE I published a while back.

But having access to a good tool that just works can make life very simple.

The goal here is for you to have an All-in-One universal indicator that you can rely on in real-time; and use it on other assets of interest that are not actively covered in Web3Quant updates.

As always even before the HOW (solution), let's do the WHAT (problem) first.

Typical Traders Screen

Firstly, most traders I know have multiple screens and each one looks like the one above.

If you are a pro trader for a hedge fund it's fine I guess but for an average Joe, it's counterproductive. More is NOT better.

Problem#1 Overcrowding

Too many indicators are like a person who talks a lot but doesn't say anything. All they do is add noise.

Solution: Web3Quant will be one single "All in one" Indicator that tells you exactly when to long/short with support/resistance levels. It will help one make decisions instantly without any subjective analysis.

Problem#2 Over-fitting

If too many indicators weren't enough, most need to work on different settings/values to make it work on different assets. Like what would work for BTC might not work on Gold, or bonds.

Also when you find an indicator, theres this itch to keep changing values and tinkering and going back and forth. I've been there done that.

This usually results in analysis paralysis as you never can settle on a single working system.

Solution: Web3Quant indicator is universal and will come with all settings preconfigured.

Currently, in the backtesting stage, I have been testing it out for 100s of assets across multiple timeframes. from Crypto to Stocks to bonds to Forex to Commodities.

Problem#3 Optimize for Lag or Smoothness?

No indicator will have 100% hit rate. As a dev then you need to prioritize if you want cleaner signals or more responsive signals.

Let me explain with an example: If you plot a Buy/Sell signal based on a 200 moving average you will get fewer cleaner signals as opposed to 50MA but it comes with a significant lag. 50ma will be fast but you will get a lot of fake signals.

What tradeoff you choose to accept depends on a lot of personal factors and comfort.

Solution - Theres no such thing as best of both worlds but the Web3Quant indicator is optimized to be balanced with high signal-to-noise ratio.

Problem#4 Doesnt work in All conditions

There are many trading styles but the majority can be slotted into 2 categories.

Trend/Breakout and Mean Reversion.

When the markets are ranging/sideways your trend indicators don't work and when they are trending hard mean reversion ones fail.

Solution: All assets are tested since their inception factoring wide range of conditions. Will soon be providing all the results for you to make an assessment.

Disclosure: This is not the Web3Quant Model that is being made public. W3Q model is still more effective than this indicator. Also, it has scanner capabilities too.

Now as always I want to set some realistic expectations, I am NOT pitching it as some next-best thing since sliced bread.

I am sure there are many good tools out there. I wanted to build something that is simple and effective that the subs can use.

When you combine this with W3Q model updates, its potency will increase.

Release Plan:
Aiming to roll out the indicator to the ambassadors first who have been actively contributing, as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

Following an initial round of feedback from them, the indicator will then be released to all All-Access plan subscribers only.

Will soon be sending another update when it's complete.


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