Crypto is so back!

As mentioned in yesterday's update Crypto looking really good had mentioned this.

Looking at the price action it suggests that we could be looking at some explosive moves in the coming week.

As we speak theres a god candle happening in BTC.

Its up 15% touching 35k.

The majority of the model's longs are up somewhere between

20%-200% in SPOT without leverage since longs were published.

The exact reason why there was such an explosive move is not revealed yet but mostly there's ETF approval coming sooner than expected.

I will send a detailed update later in the week meanwhile

I would urge all of you to go back and read every update published since last month. Most of them are 2-minute reads.

You will see how the Model has called every move that happened in this leg and has been very accurate.

When the bull gets going there won't be much time to research to get in and out of positions.

If you are going to follow the Web3Quant model then this is the time to build conviction and come up with your own strategy on how will you use its insights.

Also, many of you are new so do read the FAQs and the HOW TO guide.

They say when it rains it pours.

Not only do we have a favorable catalyst playing out, one of the biggest macro headwinds could be turning into a tailwind.

Looks like US Dollar is about to roll over. Models bearish on DXY.

This would add further fuel to the fire if it plays out.

Model continues to be long the majors with invalidation levels

$BTC - 26500
$ETH - 1500
$SOL - 21

Very likely Alts are going to go crazy in the coming days.

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