Referral Program

Here's the process:

  • Click on "Refer Now" to generate your unique referral link.
  • Share it on your preferred socials.
  • When 2 of your referrals sign up, You get an All Access subscription
  • If you're already a subscriber, credits will be added to your account for upgrading or the next renewal.
  • There's also a widget on the page that will keep you updated on the number of successful referrals you've made.

As with anything, it's always good to establish ground rules.

  • No Spamming

    The integrated referral software is adept at detecting spam. Anyone found spamming will be blocked and banned.
  • Fraud Prevention

    Any fraudulent activities, such as creating multiple accounts to earn referrals, will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • No Misrepresentation

    This is more for you than for me. It's your own reputation on the line. Be wise and please represent Web3Quant accurately and honestly.

    Ask them to read the FAQs first so they know what to and what NOT to expect.
  • Successful referral

    Each referred subscriber should be unique, and not have been a subscriber in the past.

Thank You!