Time to play offense?

Earlier this year when crypto was going through turbulent times I was constantly sending updates with sitting on CASH and cautioning to play defense.

But trading is like any other sport.

Theres time to position defensively and theres time to play offense.

From the outset, in October I have been relentlessly sending bullish "Explosive Uptober" updates and tweets.

Majors BTC ETH SOL have had an extremely good weekly close. We could be looking at a sharp rally in the coming weeks.

Onchain names are looking primed for upmove.

Most of the model picks have been doing well.

Majors like $SOL which the model was long on, is up over 50%

$OXO $RVF $ATOR are over 100-200% gains region.

Memecoin $BITCOIN is up 90% in the last few days.

Nothing goes up in a straight line, so correction is always around the corner but we need to play the hand we are dealt.

Right now things are bullish.

Now just because you see the note, let's play offense does not mean you go out and lever yourself up. At no point, risk management should be compromised.

It only means we can go down the risk curve to capture more gains.

Also, we are now in a stage when you will see exits from the model even when theres nothing wrong with the coins.

For example, INJ LINK MKR are all decent. Model was long on them and captured the move.

But a trader's capital is finite. hence it makes sense to only focus on strong relative strength.

This means only the top 20 will make the cut. Otherwise, we will end up 100s of longs in a heated bull phase.

Model continues to be long on Majors BTC ETH SOL. They are also covered in BULL THESIS as no-brainer plays for the next cycle. They continue to be core positions.

Coming to models entry/exits

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