Crypto UpOnly Szn?

Crypto continues to look good on all time frames. We could be looking at explosive moves in the coming weeks.

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As mentioned in last month's update "Crypto is so back"

They say when it rains it pours. Not only do we have a favorable catalyst playing out, one of the biggest macro headwinds could be turning into a tailwind.

Looks like US Dollar is about to roll over. Models bearish on DXY.

This would add further fuel to the fire if it plays out.

This seems to be playing out as DXY is down 2% since.

Model continues to be bearish on DXY.

This usually bodes well for both risk-on assets. Both Stocks and Crypto would do well in the coming days.

Coming to Model positions

Some of the recent picks too have done well.

SENATE which was mentioned earlier in this week's update is almost up 150% in a few days.

ATOR RVF continues to perform with over 200% gains.

Model continues to be long majors with the following invalidation levels.

BTC - 27K
ETH - 1600
SOL - 26

There have been 2 exits and 2 entries.

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