I will always be grateful to you all who have supported and have been part of this journey with me.

When I started I was only a quant trader but in the last 2 years, I have learned so much from so many of you.

our systems have undergone so many upgrades from weekly only to daily, on-chain, and many more.

I have been working on a few more things that I will launch at opportune times.

Soon it will be the anniversary when I started the premium subscription.

I wanted to wait till then to make the announcement but being a quant I can't help time it.

Same reason I timed the bull thesis post for everyone at the lows when most of my systems were flashing buys.

this way even non-paid followers could benefit from it. A lot of the picks are up 300%-500% in the last 3 months.

Here are some of the major learning for me that I plan on implementing.

  • Having multiple sub-tiers causes a lot of operational work from answering queries to explaining what's available on what tier, and why something is not part of the other.

    that time would be better-spent refining and enhancement of the systems and adding more value to the subs.
  • We are at the stage of the bull cycle where many would be better served with the Web3Quant indicator.

    Right now I am very conscious of what I put out there coz it can be potentially confusing for new subs and beginner traders.

    Value vs momentum or HTF vs LTF for instance can have contradictory stances at times.

    everyone having the indicator allows me to issue more refined commentary on how to play the markets on HTF, LTF, etc.
  • Subscription price - No matter what price you put, there will always be folks who want it lower or free.

    I do give a lot of stuff out for free. I've kept a referral program (made it even more generous) for those who can't afford to pay but would like to do so with their time and effort.

    but I still sometimes get overwhelmed when I get a genuine message like

    "Hey W3Q I love your stuff and have made good returns. I am in college and I am saving up for a sub or someone saying they are from emerging markets and they are genuinely priced out"
  • Lastly the intent of closing monthly was simple.

    Most of the stuff I put out is HTF, even the LTF stuff I speak of is swing trades for days and not scalps but the majority want that.

    When the monthly is available, many new subs join after the markets heat a lot and enter positions at highs.

    Naturally, the swings are extreme so they sometimes don't see the benefit in a few days and as a consequence are disappointed.

    Having only an annual sub automatically ensures everyone thoroughly verifies if it is for them and is more committed and disciplined.

    I get this testimonial from the majority who have been a sub for longer periods they have made multiples of their sub fees.

    You would see that consistent feedback on Twitter too.

    One of the initiatives I will start is to work with the few select subs, review their trades if they need and provide feedback on how they could improve to be profitable.

    I am not claiming to be superior to anyone here. will spend time helping a few who genuinely want to learn the craft.

    But what I did not anticipate is the operational hassle of closing monthly is a lot more too.

    Folks who miss their card payments or their cards get declined for logistical reasons.

    Ghost automatically cancels their membership. And there's no way for them to get back on monthly.

    Thank you for listening thus far, I try to be as transparent as I can and also like to give WHY some things are being done.

Here are the actions

  • All access prices will be reduced substantially and brought in line with Crypto/TradFi tiers for a few days.

    Post which they will be revised and standardized.

    This is done as a one-off to allow everyone to upgrade seamlessly.

    For existing subs, Ghost will prorate it automatically and you would only be paying the difference.

    Once you get All-Access send an email to support mailbox with your tradingview username.

    You will have your access sorted.
  • After that window only the All Access plan would be available.

    Both monthly and annual options would be available.

    I am working out the details and will announce that soon and till then I will have no further answers to any pricing questions.

    NOTE: The indicator will only be available to ALL ACCESS annual subs even after the monthly option is made available.

    The reason is, the access still needs to be granted manually on tradingview and it will be a lot of operational work to do so for monthly subs.
  • If you are someone who paid the full price of $2999 then I would not want you to feel short-changed.

    You will get a 6-month extension on your sub for free.

    NOTE: This is for folks who have paid full price only. Not everyone. so please read this carefully before reaching out.

Thank you for being a part of this.

Higher. Together.


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