When it comes to the big picture there's no change in view from what what was mentioned earlier.

coming to the trend side of things I wrote this.

Currently the sentiment is really bearish and everyone seems to be convinced we are due a big correction but

none of the technicals or trend structure seems to be suggesting that.

in fact, model has signaled quite a few longs that show theres strength in select pockets.

Model has been long BTC and ETH for a while and continues to do so.

BTC HTF chart

Sol seems to be consolidating. Closing above 108 should kick in the long signal and also next leg in the sol ecosystem system projects.

SOL LTF looking good

Crypto Stocks

COINBASE, CLSK, MARA, Galaxy Digital and KR1 continue to be the core cycle picks and any dips are good opportunities to accumulate positions.


good news for the bulls is USD losing momentum. its not signalled bearish yet.

It needs to break below 103 for the risk on rally to pick up pace.

Tradfi model went into cash earlier but finally, it looks like there there's green shoots in growth stocks.

just waiting for HTF confirmations. once we have those will publish the longs.


Coming to crypto model positions. there are no exits and 6 new entries.

NOTE: those who have access to the indicator can look 4h timeframe.
for those wanting invalidation levels can use 4h swing lows

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