Meme Szn

what a difference a couple of days make. till Sunday it seemed like crypto was about crash and yesterday we had

BTC going from 50-57K

thats why it always pays to be data driven

as mentioned in the last update

Currently the sentiment is really bearish and everyone seems to be convinced we are due a big correction but

none of the technicals or trend structure seems to be suggesting that.

in fact, model has signaled quite a few longs that show theres strength in select pockets.

Crypto Stocks

COINBASE, CLSK, MARA, Galaxy Digital and KR1
 continue to be the core cycle picks.

Crypto stocks were up 40%-50%.

we are in strong risk on phase in the cycle where a lot of coins will do well.

we will have a good problem of plenty.

since we only go after the strongest names, or else we will end up with over 50+ longs which is not practical.

this is precisely the scenario for which I created the web3quant indicator for the subs.

to help you manage some of the plays where you have a higher conviction or track the stories more closely. also, you can set an alert on your fav plays as needed.

currently model has signaled long on a lot of memes. many of them are looking good across the board.

I have listed some of the strongest-looking ones.

also here is the standard disclosure coz every time theres an update of memes there are tons of DMs and questions

NOTE: will NOT be tracking them along with the trend model updates as some of these (specially sol ones) cannot be purely played via trend models nor are they available on tradingview to run the indicator

If it moves 10x-20x dont wait for updates.

formulate your own profit booking and reentering strategy.

many of them have 90% drawdowns. its not for everyone.

wont be answering "if you hold this or that" or "what should I do now" questions.

will tweet about them as I see momentum in the markets.

WIF continues to remain one of the highest conviction plays for this cycle

among other SOL memes


as we get firmer and deeper into the uptrend, will publish more meme plays.

Coming to the Model positions. there are new entries.

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