Solana Meme new entry

NOTE: I do not have access to a computer so please excuse the format.

Our thesis on Solana memecoins are playing out really well.

WIF is up over 10x and looks really good for more.

POPCAT too is picking up steam and likely has more legs to it.

Sol has given a fresh breakout. More money is likely to come into the ecosystem.

This new pick is also from the Sol ecosystem and can be found on Jupiter.

I have also attached the snapshot to make things simpler.

Ticker is MONK.

CAUTION: Just because WIF POPCAT turned out to be a great picks. Does not mean you pile on to new ones with excessive size to make it up.

As always memes are a zero or hero plays. 

They go to zero or 10-50x And tend to be hyper volatile. so size it accordingly

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