Solana Szn?

Couple of months ago when I chose SOL no-brainer play in the bull thesis the sentiment was really bad.

Most of the comments back then were how it is a scam/ ghost chain that always seems to go down etc etc.

Fast forward to today, it's up over 250%.

Unsurprisingly the majority of the "Gurus" now are calling it the next big thing.

One thing I do expect to play out this cycle (already started) is 2nd order effects of Solana bull run.

My mental model for crypto is simple,

I think of Crypto as a Continent and various ecosystems as countries within it.

Just like each country has its own economics and culture, crypto ecosystems are the same.

When the economy booms, local businesses benefit a lot during that period.

Once the natives make money, they tend to spend it on Projects/Memes/NFTs specific to that ecosystem.

Solana now has a lot of momentum behind it. My bull thesis has now gotten stronger.

Also when it comes to Solana NFTs it's easier to apply a Quantitative data-driven approach (as there are a lot of price/charting tools available to do so).

In the coming days, there will be a lot of positional updates on Solana NFTs. So if that's of interest then get our setup ready.

Coming to Model updates It continues to be long Majors BTC, ETH & SOL.

There are no exits but a new entry.

It's a nano-cap coin from the Solana ecosystem.

Think of it as Degen - Zero or Hero Play. So it's best to size it accordingly.

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