Crypto Update

Happy Holidays everyone. 2023 has been a great year for Crypto. The stage is nicely set for 2024 to be a great one too.

Our thesis on Solana Szn has played out well.

Solana has been on fire. It's convincingly crossed 100. Sol ecosystem is set up for explosive gains in the coming months.

While many of the last few posts focus and tweets have been about SOL it doesn't make us any sort of maxi. We will continue to be nonbiased and follow the trend (as you will notice in today's new entries).

When the time comes we will exit SOL positions as needed.

As always there's a time to play offense and there's a time to play defense.

Right now its the former. And we have had this stance this whole quarter.

Also many of the other model positions are doing well too.

Stuff like BEAM, Super are up multiples and continue to look good.

We have some major newsflow events coming up in Jan which would induce some volatility but the HTF trend is firmly bullish.

Coming to the Model positions.

Continue to be long majors BTC, ETH, SOL.

Heres the updated positions.

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