Newsletter #14 Pullback soon or the party goes on?

Model has had a good week. Its bottom call still holding up well. Below are the updated performance of all its long positions. Many are up handsomely. It continues to be LONG on all of them. No new signals were generated last week.

Also, it's a good time to remind everyone of an excerpt from the FAQs on the About page.

The model is designed to capture BIG trends and tolerate volatility, so by design, it does NOT catch the major tops or bottoms. It goes long after the strong uptrend is established and by that time the asset is usually up 20-30% from the lows. Also when the trend breaks and it exits, assets are usually down 20-30% from the highs. Then there are whipsaws to deal with, which means after you exit, the very next week the model could go long again and vice versa.

In last week's letter, I wrote the below and it still holds true.

So what is the model suggesting now? that we are at an inflection point which means, IF this is a bear rally then it would fizzle out within the next couple of weeks Whereas if this is a start of a new bull run then the prices would consolidate or keep creeping up higher. The model suggests it's the latter. Pullbacks are to be expected even if this is the case.

Below are the updated chart of all Cryptos that the model is currently LONG on.

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