Newsletter #13 End of bear rally? or Start of a new Bull Run?

Crypto overall has had a good run from the lows. Models bottom call has played out well thus far. Also, the Alts that model went long last week have performed well. All of them are up somewhere between 16%-70%.

Many of the OGs and reputed names are calling this the fake-out bear market relief rally. Are they right? The answer is I don't know. What I do know is none of these pseudo-intellectuals were able to exit the top either, so why should you trust them to call the bottom? You can be certain that if last month was indeed THE macro bottom and the price goes on to make new highs, then the same folks would claim that they have been long since the lows. I just find it easier to follow more objective quant-based entries and exits, that my model suggests. There are only a few credible accounts that I follow such as @GCRClassic @RaoulGMI @CredibleCrypto @CryptoDonAlt @CryptoHayes @SmartContracter  who have called in for a bottom and continuously provided valuable insights.

So what is the model suggesting now? that we are at an inflection point which means, IF this is a bear rally then it would fizzle out within the next couple of weeks Whereas if this is a start of a new bull run then the prices would consolidate or keep creeping up higher. The model suggests it's the latter. Pullbacks are to be expected even if this is the case.  

What if the model is wrong? If that's the case then it will exit the positions swiftly and go into CASH like it did in Nov 2021. Calling the tops and bottoms correctly only gives you bragging rights but in order to make money one needs to enter and exit positions opportunistically.

How is the model playing this? It continues to be LONG on all the positions it entered thus far and last week it went long on ASR, PORTO, JUV, BAT, PSG, LAZIO & AUTO

Earlier this week model went long on Uniswap, Lido, ENS, Trust Wallet, Unify Protocol, Santos & OG and continues to be long BTC and ETH.

Below are the updated chart of all Cryptos that the model is currently LONG on.


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