Newsletter #12 After BTC & ETH, Model goes LONG on Alts

It's too early to judge but model's bottom signal has been playing out well both in terms of time and price thus far. Model's BTC & ETH positions are already by 22+% & 60+% respectively.

Earlier this week model went long on Uniswap, Lido, ENS, Trust Wallet, Unify Protocol, Santos & OG and continues to be long BTC and ETH.

I would like to highlight a few things.

  1. If this is a fake-out bear market rally then very likely it would fizzle out in the next few weeks and most of the long setups would fail and the Model will swiftly move into cash.
  2. Some of these alts are up a LOT from the lows so some pullback is normal.
  3. All updates would be provided in the weekly newsletter but occasionally if there is strong momentum I would update on Twitter. For example last week I posted the LONG call on Twitter and the same day $UNFI shot up 80% .

I also post some non-Web3 signals on Twitter too, Model was bearish on OIL at the $115 area, and US interest rates too. Remember when these calls were made the narrative was extremely bullish. The media was calling for $200 oil citing war etc and the expectation was that the interest rates were going to go through the roof due to fed tightening and inflation. So far the model has got both the calls right.


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Below are the updated chart of all Cryptos that the model is currently LONG on.

Bitcoin $BTC
Ethereum $ETH
Uniswap $UNI
Lido $LDO
Ethereum Name Service $ENS
Trust Wallet $TWT
Unify Protocol $UNFI
Santos FC Fan Token $SANTOS
OG Fan Token $OG

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