Meme Time

As mentioned in the last update

this gives a goldilocks kinda situation from now till then where the

- The big 3 BTC, ETH & SOL have had a strong weekly closing.
- TradFI is supportive.
- Seasonality favors the bulls.

This is ripe for Meme season.

Many think when memes start running it's the end. Maybe.

But if you made that argument you wouldn't have made over 250% in GUAC in 5 days. And it's still looking good for a lot more.

The GUAC team seems to be rolling out more and more features.

For meme plays, social metrics and volumes matter equally (even more so) as much as price action.

Since the model update on memes a couple of days ago

BONK up 30%
BITCOIN (meme coin) is up 20%
Even DOGE up 10%.

Yes, the music will stop at some point that's why we have systems in place to exit.

BONK and DOGE are comparatively larger (in the meme world) but the smaller ones would have extreme volatility.

So if you are getting into those then use some sensible sizing and some sort of indicator/LTF system for exits.

You could use the Web3Quant indicator on a 4H/8H time frame for some of the volatile plays for LTF trading.

We could see some explosive moves in the coming weeks.

Some of my learning from over the years

Coming to Model updates It continues to be long Majors BTC, ETH & SOL.

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