we are so back!

this is from the last update

all old timers are well aware of how things work but got a few questions from new readers so let's address them first.

also, I would suggest reading the FAQs to realign with what to and what NOT to expect from these updates.

All trend model updates are from HTF (high time frame). these are positional long/cash signals that typically last multiple weeks.

subs are also given access to the web3quant indicator that helps with entry/exits.

NOTE: I have mentioned it multiple times earlier too. web3quant indicator has been specially developed for the subs. You are NOT getting access to the scanner or the indicator that I use ( those will not be made public).

Those insights will only be shared via regular updates.

at times there will be some deviations. you can choose to follow the indicator or the updates.

then comes thesis (aka VALUE ) driven insights.

after i published my crypto bull thesis (which has now half a million reads)

a lot of you requested to include my big-picture views in the updates too.

at times value and momentum can contradict each other.

last update was a good example. all the trend had signaled exits but the big picture was still intact.

as we proceed deep into the bull cycle (say BTC > 80k-100k) we will no longer be in the no brainer value territory.

relying solely on trend models makes more sense and i will be focusing/emphasizing on those then.

then comes memes. its a separate beast in itself.

they dont necessarily move tick to tick with the BTC.

I have continuously been giving this note.

NOTE: will NOT be tracking memes along with the trend model updates as these cannot be purely played via trend models nor are they available on tradingview to run the indicator

If it moves 10x-20x dont wait for updates.

formulate your own profit booking and reentering strategy.

many of them have 90% drawdowns. its not for everyone.

wont be answering "if you hold this or that" or "what should I do now" questions.

will tweet about them as I see momentum in the markets. not all the time

i always reiterate that I won't be hand-holding your trades but the grand idea is to help all kinds of traders/investors.

the best way is to pick the insights that align with your investing/ trading style.


Trend Model has flipped long BTC ETH SOL.

we got sideways movement March and April with BTC ranging in the 60K-70K area.

finally, it looks like we are ready for the next leg up which should take BTC to the 100K mark.

breaking above 67k will signal momentum picking up pace.

invalidation would be breaking down 56K.


good news is DXY also finally cratering. the top seems to be in for the USD. invalidation is closing above 107.

this should bode well for risk-on assets.

Model has signaled long SPY and NDX

among the tradfi stocks, Robinhood (HOOD) looks good.


while we have been really early to memes.

the market participants in aggregate are now beginning to come to a consensus that meme-coins are here to stay.

this should re-rate some of the major memes in the coming weeks.

WIF POPCAT continue to be big winner and leader. continue to like them.

our latest picks MICHI and USA are up over 500% in less than a week

USA & MICHI continue to be the high conviction plays.

these both have the potential to run like WIF & POPCAT

with the country coins narrative picking up pace.

theres potential for some smaller plays too. here are some of the ones I like


there won't be another update on Sunday unless needed.

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