positions update - cat & country szn

will send a detailed update when we get a HTF breakout.

For now everything mentioned last post is still relevant.

coming to memes

latest pick USA is doing really well. looking good for a lot more.

theres a good chance USA can catch up to or even flip boden.

it’s plays well into both us election and country szn.

popcat has gone on a tear and established itself as a category leader and has a lot of potential upside.

that gives room for other plays to run up in the cat szn.

Two plays I like are Michi and shark cat

NOTE: will NOT be tracking memes along with the trend model updates as these cannot be purely played via trend models nor are they available on tradingview to run the indicator

If it moves 10x-20x dont wait for updates.

formulate your own profit booking and reentering strategy.

many of them have 90% drawdowns. its not for everyone.

wont be answering "if you hold this or that" or "what should I do now" questions.

will tweet about them as I see momentum in the markets. not all the time

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