time based consolidation over?

no change from what was mentioned in the last few updates higher for longer

Continue to be long majors BTC ETH SOL.

btc with web3quant indicator

Memes continue to dominate.

web3quant custom meme index with the indicator

I have made some modifications to the custom meme index mentioned in the last update.

this version (still has the most liquid and highest mcap major memes)

now allows us to track and apply both HTF and LTF trend & momentum systems and exit memes when the party is over.

Strongest memes continue to be



You can run the web3quant indicator on them too.

after making a huge move in feb/march memes have been in a sideways time-based consolidation mode.

the stage is now set for them to make the next expansion higher.

as we go deeper into the bull cycle its always good to have an eye on volumes and liquidity.

its important to be in memes that will allow you to EXIT.

in the tradfi space model continues to be bearish USD and bullish HOOD, SPY NDX

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