higher for longer but for riskOn assets

would encourage everyone to read recent previous updates.

everything mentioned in there are applicable and looking to play out well.

we have finally gotten a major bullish signal where all the trends/momentum have given the green light.

when you combine this with bearish DXY (web3quant indicator on 4h flipped red there too)

bullish SPX NDX GOLD ATH (web3quant indicator been flipped green a while ago)

and US election season coming up with TRUMP as a leading candidate (whose pro crypto).

ALL of this points to an extremely favorable setup.

while things can change and we will respond to data,

currently theres no good reason or data point suggesting to be bearish riskOn assets.

one of the reasons I standardized the web3quant indicator to 4h is it

lets non-technical subs make decisions quickly and easily without having deep trading knowledge.

more seasoned traders can use the indicator with other tools and timeframes to extract more value from it.

Model has been long for a while now and continues to be long majors BTC ETH SOL

in tradFI space model been long for a while and continues to be long HOOD.

memes continue to remain the strongest sector.

here is the update on the meme index i created. it consists of top 6 memecoins with highest market cap and traded volumes.


this allows to run the trend indicators to gauge the overall direction and also exit when the party is over.

that will be the most crucial aspect.

for now the setup is looking very bullish.

Meme majors index by w3q

Apart from the majors mentioned above some of the strongest / bullish memecoins are


you can run the web3quant indicator on it them too.

Also if you are following the news you would have seen TRUMP has gone very pro crypto.

much more than what I anticipated and wrote about in the previous updates.


trump meme-coins will continue to get more and more mainstream attention

$TREMP and $USA are likely big beneficiaries.

also acts as a hedge for those who would strongly feel against buying anything Trump-related.

Now your opinion of Trump or the fact he might do a 180 after getting elected

should take a back seat and as an investor, the focus should be on what it would do to the crypto space.

game theory will ensure all the other politicians both locally and globally too would need to follow and keep if they need to please crypto voters.

when you combine this with the fact that now US SEC is on the back foot and had to approve the ETH etf. tells you everything you need to know.

Now the big boys aka banks and financial institutions would back crypto aggressively (they get to make fees).

Overall things are looking great for crypto and risk on assets overall.

higher for longer.

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