Crypto rally getting Overheated?

Models had another phenomenal week. All its Long calls posted in the last updates have fired up a lot.

You can read the previous post here "Crypto Rally got more steam left?" & "Crypto about to Rally?"

Some of the Models long went ballistic.

All Gains mentioned are after the Longs were published and in SPOT without using any leverage.

$SNM was up 200% in a single day.

Model will only signal bearish on HTF Trend break but when you get pumps like this in a day. It's always prudent to book some profits.


Here are some of the performance stats of the Longs.

$AGIX : 230%
$FET : 110%
$OCEAN : 60%
$CRV : 40%
$ANT : 40%

$BTC : 33%
$ETH : 29%

Other Longs up in the range of 15-25%

Model continues to be Bullish on previous longs but some of the names have run up a lot, look overheated, and will most likely retrace in the days to come.


Model has made new Long entries.


NOTE: There are other coins too which the model is bullish on but these are ranked and chosen based on trend and momentum strength. So if your favorite coin is not there then it does not mean the model is bearish.

Also, this is one of the reasons you see these explosive performances in Models long is coz it ONLY goes long on the strongest setups that are primed for the up-move, even though it's bullish on others.

Go through the FAQs and Past Performance to understand a bit more about the model.

Below are the All Models signals on BTC ETH Solana from 2020 to date.

I have been publishing this every week since early 2022 and will continue to do so every week.


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