Crypto about to Rally?

After being on CASH since early November Model is Long on


For the Alts mentioned, the Model is bullish on both USD and BTC pairs.

Model also turned from bullish to neutral on Bitcoin-Dominance.

Model continues to be bearish on US Dollar. It's been so for a while. It did signal bullish momentum on Lower time frames last week which I mentioned on Twitter but that too got neutralized.

Everything seems to be pointing toward a rally in days to come.

Is it the start of a new bull run? Don't know. Will be playing it week on week but the price action has been good thus far.

If you haven't already then check out Models 2022 performance here.

Some of the Alts have rallied hard and have had late-night Sunday pumps. Something to keep in mind before taking positions.

Below are the All Models signals on BTC ETH Solana /USD from 2020 to date. I have been publishing this every week since early this year and will continue to do so.


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