Weekly TradFI Update

Models call to exit Tech stocks, Nasdaq, and S&P500 have played out well. Most of them have had a rough week.

Most of what was mentioned in the last week's update Macro Looking Ominous is still relevant.

SPY, NDX and some of the big names like Apple, MSFT Tesla have had a negative week and are looking vulnerable for further downside.
Macro continues to look bleak.
Models continue to be bearish on the bonds.
USD (DXY) threatening to break out. Models already signaling bullish on lower time frames.

The correction has been steep and hence in the coming week there could be a relief bounce.

Coming to the model positions.

The model has exited ALL positions and is sitting on 100% CASH.

NOTE: These are high-time frame trades. Model has been long many of the names since Jan 2023. It will re-enter the positions again on the resumption of the uptrend.

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