Weekly Crypto Update

Volumes and the volatility in crypto have been at historic lows.

All of the action continues to be in low cap degen alt plays on-chain.

While crypto hasn't broken down yet, there are cracks appearing in the TradFI space as mentioned in the weekly update: Macro Looking Ominous

There's a high probability there could be a spillover to crypto as well.

As mentioned in the last week's update

Long term trend still looks bullish

while there could be short-term corrections.

Any dips would be a good opportunity to load up on long term holdings.

BTC needs to close above 30K to invalidate this scenario.

W3Q has published a How-To guide for those interested in learning how to best use the model insights. Check it out.

Coming to the Model positions, there have been 1 exit and no new entries.

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