Weekly Crypto Update

Model continues to sit on CASH.

Most high-time frame setups continue to look weak.

Best to wait for either capitulation or an HTF breakout to add to long-term positions.

As mentioned in last week's update

Even the on-chain Alts seem to be cooling off.

Many of them have been corrected severely.

The price action has been very deceptive. Trends aren't lasting long, even on LTF. Theres been 1 or 2 coins pumping and then fully retracing the move.

Capital Preservation should be the priority, especially in Alts.

Models LTF plays are doing well.

We got about 15%-25% moves in all the 3 coins published earlier in the week.

Will publish more as and when the opportunity arises.

As mentioned, LTF calls in these markets are only suited for those who are very active, and nimble in positioning and profit booking. If its not you then just focus on HTF trades only.

NOTE: Got a few good suggestions from some of you on how to go about LTF plays. Open to more of these constructive ones. So keep em coming.

For now, going forward will be updating the same page Crypto LTF plays with new Alt LTF plays. NO emails will be sent for these LTF plays to avoid spamming but will update Twitter with the notification. This will ensure, that only paid subscribers get first access to them.

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