Crypto LTF Plays

As mentioned in the last update, will be using this post to highlight some LTF plays. There be no email sent out for LTF to avoid spam. Subscribers can login and check the posts.

NOTE - Volumes have been very low hence the trend isnt holding up as much it would during bull phase.

Till we get a strong uptrend established it would make sense to be nimble with positioning and profit booking.

If it's not you then just wait for the HTF breakouts. Trading will get a lot more easier and rewarding then.

Let's start with BTC ETH. After the full retracement of the move, both majors are holding up well, giving room for Alts to run.

Alts mentioned in the last LTF updates are still running. The stops have been updated.

There have been 2 new additions.

RUNE was looking weak but has managed to turn around.

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