Weekly Crypto Update

The model continues to sit on CASH.

NOTE: LTF trades at the end of the update

As mentioned in the last week's update

Weekly closes suggest it could get rough, especially for the Alts in the coming days.

Currently, the only thing the Model is bullish on is BTC dominance.

This played out last week.

The model continues to be bullish on BTC Dominance.

There has been positive news-flow momentum in the Crypto space thanks to the BTC ETF filing by BlackRock.

Weak DXY is also a positive development for Risk on an asset like Crypto.

But we need all that news to translate into prices and bullish HTF close to go Long.

While we wait for the HTF confirmations. Here are 3 Low time frame trades that Models signaling bullish on.

PositionStatusInvalidation Level

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