Market Update + Sol Meme

Will be sending a full update with all the positions, entries, and exits after the weekly close.

Markets are looking good overall we could have a nice BTC rally to 44K-45k

This environment along with JUP airdrop could likely reignite meme rally in the SOL ecosystem.

As you saw my note yesterday. been working on a "meme system"

the idea is to mechanize it and then run some more subjective analysis over it to see which ones have legs.

Despite multiple disclosures (refer to old posts), I still get same DMs.

Just to set expectations.

Dont expect replies to questions like "What about this call on old meme" "Are you still in those memes" etc

The ones that are sent follow the same trends + framework I have been tweeting about.

All are HTF plays. Not Scalps.

NOTE: Going forward will NOT be tracking them along with the trend model updates as these cannot be purely played via trend models and the price is a lot more volatile.

If it moves 10x-20x don't wait for updates.

formulate your own profit booking and reentering strategy.

Here's another SOL meme play.

Here's the ticker, name, and contract address.

ARAB (arab cat) -

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