setup looking ominous

there was a massive reversal post-FOMC.

as always our reasons to enter/exit are trend and momentum.

tradfi model signaled exit and has been in cash since early this month.

crypto trend model too has signaled an EXIT and is sitting on CASH.

going into cash does not mean it's gloom and doom.

at this point is hard to say if we would just get a sideways time correction, deep flush, or both.

it could just be a knee-jerk reaction post-FOMC but either way, we need to respect what the markets trying to suggest for now and not be stubborn.

invalidation would be if BTC closes above 44K and SOL above 106

will send out updates as things progress or if there's a reversal.

we will be data-driven as always.

from a big-picture standpoint no change in views from what was mentioned earlier.

36K region remains strong support for now and is a good place to add to core positions.

Here's how the indicator performed thus far. (also read the note below if you are interested in participating in the enhancements)

TESTING: indicator is doing a good job in signaling and support/resistance levels.

I am looking to make improvements to make it more and more useful for the subs.

GOAL: most newbies focus on getting the signal early (lag) but the biggest enemy of any trend system is CHOP.

thats what really determines your returns.

reducing chop is what I want to focus on in the next release upgrade.

heres how you can help if interested.

Send an email to the support mailbox with the following details

- what kind of investor are you (long/medium/short term)
-if trader then(swing/positional/scalp/leverage)
- what assets do you trade in both crypto and tradfi
- what time frame you trade on.
- if you are using the indicator where is it benefiting you and where is it not suiting your purpose?

this will give me a good idea of where the majority is focused and I will use that as input for testing and optimizing.

-the end product I have in mind to make this the only indicator you would need on your screen to trade all assets and timeframes.

- increase the reliability of the signals even further

- make it equally compelling for LTF trades. (this will open up options trading and scalping)

- reduce any ambiguity for beginners by issuing guidance on which TF to use to get the most out of it. while pros can use it however they like.

NOTE: I won't have the bandwidth to reply or discuss all emails but know that I'll be reading everything and implementing what I can.

Thank you!

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