positions update

ADMIN: thank you to those who have reached out to be the moderators for the community.

got many questions but one thing I want to clarify is it's not a separate membership. it's the same as what you have now.

all newsletter subs would be migrated over to the new platform when ready.

even the mods are the subs.

im confident it would be self-managed once matured but just needs some shaping in the early days.

coming to the markets, the last 48 hours since the last update have been extraordinary.

we got both the crash and the reversal.

as mentioned in the last update

daily closing was ugly.

from a core position standpoint,

BTC support lies at the 58k-60K region which is a deep value zone to add to high conviction positions.

what will negate this shift in bearishness is if we get a strong reversal back.

cryptos went crashing 20%-40% in a matter of hours when we had a World War 3 scare over the weekend with Iran-Israel tension.

BTC went to 59K.

those who managed to add those levels would have benefited quite handsomely now that btc is back at 65K.

when the news came out that the matter had been put to rest for now

markets rebounded sharply.

good news is, that a lot of leverage has been wiped off the system.

it's like ripping the bandaid off.

it makes it easier for the markets to move up.

the thing that is likely to play out now is US gov is free to print more money using the war situation as an excuse.

also given that this is an election year there's likely to be excesses.

crypto bull case benefits a lot in this scenario.

high conviction core cycle play remains

Majors - BTC ETH SOL

coming to trend model positions there have been 2 exits and 2 entries.

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