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follow the indicator as mentioned in the previous post.

A lot of you have been requesting a community format (vs newsletter) where the subs can interact with me and each other.

the only reason I hadn't done it thus far coz I was concerned that the bulk of my time would go into hand-holding trades or answering what I think of markets every 5 minutes.

I like to speak only when it's relevant or when it matters.

newsletter format allowed me to be noiseless, refine the systems, and also educate and mature the audience on systems & probability-based thinking.

but there are a lot of advantages of a community and I think now it's time.

as I feel the majority of the subs now understand the core of how web3quant systems (trend/momentum) work.

as with anything I launch, whether it is my trend systems or indicators

the grand idea is always to ensure "they just work".

the indicator which was just a pet project that I developed for the subs specifically has gone on to become the most successful project purely because of its simplicity.

it was designed keeping both non-traders and traders in mind.

just like before launching the indicator when I explained

WHAT problems are we trying to solve and HOW?

here too I want to do the same.


after speaking to a lot of folks the only 2 core problems currently with any community are

1. Trust - you never truly know what their incentive is.
2. Noise - too many people talking over each other making it too hard to keep up and thus losing interest in the community itself.


  • It will be open to members only where incentives are aligned.
  • Will establish some strict ground rules of engagement (more on this later)
  • will have 2 channels. 1 which is read-only and will frequent insights from me (like you see on Twitter) with HTF but also a lot more of LTF trade ideas.
  • 2nd one would be to read/write to all
    where members can collaborate and share ideas and experiences. I am very proud to tell you that some of the subs I have are a really smart bunch ranging from hedge fund managers to super traders. Im just hoping they be more active and share.
  • I am also working on a trade execution system (its in beta) which works on ultra-low timeframes. when it's ready members will have access to that too as a value add.
  • I am not planning to make it a "signals" group. I want it to evolve into more than that and add a bunch of value adds. I will reveal them as time goes on.
  • lastly though it's paid membership, I do not want to be restricted to just that.

    There are a lot of folks who are super capable and can add a ton of value to the community.

    Will devise a way to identify them and grant them access freely should they want.


like I have always maintained in all my communication from day 1

if you are expecting any sort of hand-holding of your trades or "tell me what to do" then you are likely to be disappointed.

Trading is a DIY game. Y stands for Yourself.

Ideas can be shared (they too have a hit rate) execution will depend on individuals.

Next Steps

  • Many in the past had reached out suggesting they would love to be moderators. If you are still interested then please send me a note with a brief description.
  • Over the coming days will discuss with the mods what the ground rules should be.
  • I have already spoken to the team at WHOP. they have a platform built for communities. the best part is they have automation to tradingview indicator too. once everything is in place we will migrate.

Will keep you guys posted.

Thanks for being part of the journey.


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