positions update

Coming to trend model positions there are no exits and 4 new entries in crypto.

No change in tradfi positions.

updates from last weeks note "buy the dip szn" are playing out well

no change in view than what was mentioned in there.

markets are looking really strong.

heres how the indicator has done on ltf.

NOTE: theres no definite timeframe one HAS to use. just backtest the indicator and see what timeframe works best for your strategy.


Among sol memes,

WIF POPCAT BODEN continues to be promising.

Base season narrative is picking up steam.

The current view is that there are glimpses of potential there but it's not as obvious as Solana was in Nov.

we got the splash but the real test would be if the momentum continues after the first dip/consolidation.

will be monitoring this closely.

NOTE: All the disclaimers given for Sol meme play apply here too.

there are 3 plays I like from the base ecosystem.

VIRTUAL (virtual protocol)
Fren Pet

these plays have moved up sharply in last few days so it would be best to add them on dips.

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