no brainer meme play.


$DOG - The Doge NFT

wont be answering any logistical questions on how to or where to buy it etc. its deployed on ETH, BASE and SOLANA too. its fairly popular too so not very hard to find.


I had covered as DOGE as one of the nobrainer plays for the cycle last year at 0.05 with target of 1.

Its up over 4x since and with the momentum it currently has a target of 1 looks likely.

coming to DOG

i dont think theres anything much to add when one of the greatest speculator GCR had to say this

DOG (doge NFT ) is perfect combination of NFT + MEMECOIN

unlike last cycle where memecoins where looked down upon, this cycle all the VCs are writing intellectual pieces on it.

theres a wider acceptance for it. wont be surprised if someone files for a

DOGE ETF or we get bluechip memecoin fund at some point in the cycle.

while currently theres huge gap in their respective marketcap (Doge 31b vs DOG 150m) theres no reason why it shouldnt get narrower.

If DOGE crosses 1 it will have the marketcap of over 150 billion.

which makes DOG so much more attractive as the beta.

even if it manages to capture 1/10th the share it would be over 100x from here.

also you can find it on tradingview which makes it easier to run the web3quant indicator on it.

currently we are in a heated phase of the market where everything is flying.

keep in mind all the previous disclosures given regarding the meme plays.

see you in the next one.

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