Indicator enhancements now live

  • Changes are live already.
  • Delete the Web3Quant indicator from your charts and re-add it. Also, close the browser or your app and restart and it should work.

All the previous indicator features work just as before.

Whats new?

  • Everything has been standardized and optimized for 4-hour timeframe.
  • Support/resistance lines are improved.
  • Cleaner signals. More noticeable on ultra-low timeframes (15min/30min).

    This is particularly useful for swing/scalping/degen style trading.

    I will write a separate How-to guide for this.

For seasoned traders most of it will be intuitive but for those who are beginners what you need to know

Optimized for 4H does not mean it's for day trading.

if you are only interested in medium/long-term big picture trades

then everything is the same as before.

Just keep the resolution to CHART (which by default anyway)

and run the indicator on 4H timeframe. Thats it.

With the new changes whatever signals you used to get on a weekly (in the first version of web3quant) and then daily

now has further improved to get on 4H timeframe.

also standardizing everything to a single timeframe ensures there's no more guesswork in figuring out the optimal timeframe for different assets.

Now you can focus on just sizing your trades. rest of it can be mechanical.

NOTE: pros are still free to choose a lower timeframe or resolution of their liking. 15min/30min are good. play around and see what suits your style.

Here are some of the results

I've covered some crypto, crypto stocks, tradfi stocks, SP500, Bonds, USD to show a variety of assets.

It's the same indicator output without changing any settings.
running on a 4H timeframe.

while most of it is the same. I've highlighted a mid-march signal. in the early version, it was a failed signal. in the upgraded one it squeezed out another 20% profitable trade. there will be many such cases of improvement in all assets and not just BTC.
captured the entire 2021 bull run move.
both the BTC uptrends and downtrends were captured
entire 2019 bull run was captured without fakeouts. also exited crypto well before the COVID crash.
got you in SOL in the teens (when most of the street was calling for its demise.) and rode the 100+ journey.
sol results from last cycle. it got you in the first move. kept you out in the leg correction and got you in when the uptrend kicked off again.
Matic from last cycle - captured the entire move with just 1 fakeout.
its not just about the upside. it got out in time before the FTX debacle.
Not only did it capture the 100x move on the upside (you can test when you get access to the indicator) it got you out before LUNA crashed and burned.
Crypto Stock - BTC Miner - Mara kept you out well before covid move. got you in and kept you in for the whole cycle.
Crypto Stock - Galaxy Digital kept you out well before covid move. got you in and kept you in for the whole cycle.
caught both the big move down and up in meta
got you out of trouble and kept you out before most big crashes in the market
captured all major down move in TLT
Captured all the major moves in DXY

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