Crypto Update that was sent to Premium Subscribers

The below update was sent to Premium Subscribers earlier this week.

NOTE: Only BTC & ETH insights are kept open. Others have been masked.

In the coming weeks, the free posts would be sent out after a delay of 3-4 days.

Also, Will soon be publishing a “How to guide” that can be used for the model picks. Some very basic stuff to book profits, scale in and out of positions, support, resistance, etc. Idea is to make it super simple and usable for an average Joe, not just pro traders.

Welcome to the first crypto premium post. Thank you for being an early adopter.

When one decides to go from Free to Premium, it's really important to set the right expectations right at the start.

The core of the posts will be the same as all the previous posts you have read for over a year.

But to add more value, here are 2 more things that would be done (Which were never mentioned in the FAQs)

  1. Even when the Model goes in CASH (sometimes it would be months like in 2022) there would still be trading opportunities in Alt/BTC cross-pair trades.

    I would be publishing those so premium members can get the subscriptions worth even during a prolonged sitting on cash period.
  2. Beta access to the NFT model insights when it's ready. If the results are satisfactory then it would be a separate offering sometime in the future.

What I won't do is add some "useless" stuff in the offering to make you feel you are getting something "extra" now that it's premium, when in reality it doesn't add any value at all apart from optics.

The whole idea is to give you only what I would use personally as a Trader/Investor.

Coming to model positions, there have been many exits and 2 new entries.

NOTE: Invalidations are on a weekly time frame but for someone who wishes to be more "active" in trading, wait for a minimum 1Day/3Day close before considering it an invalidation.

Use the Weekly Closing Prices to calculate Entry & Exit Prices & Performance.

PositionStatusInvalidation Level

Longs like RIF, TRU, and IRIS have done really well last week and were up between 48%-128% in SPOT.

NOTE - Stating the obvious here because I get these questions. The model can and will re-enter exited position should there be a reversal or signs of strength in certain coins. Sometimes there will be whipsaws.

As I mentioned in last week's updates, overall till we get a breakout and signs-up trend, momentum picking up. It's best to play defense. This will continue to be the case going forward too. Both $BTC and $ETH are hovering around support areas.

Now, just because it hasn't pulled back thus far, doesn't mean it CANNOT pullback. As always one needs to be open-minded and react to what the market tells you. I would be playing defense till we get a breakout of these levels.
There are many ways to play defense. Different traders/investors deal with it differently. Some book profits and some reduce position sizes. Some hedge their LONGs by buying PUT options.

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