Crypto Update

Logistics Update

Many were having issues with the support email bounce back.

For some reason, ghost was displaying an old email that was not in use. There was an updated theme applied to the website which also caused some of the tables in the old post not to render/displaying.

The email is issue is now sorted.

You can reach out to if you face any issues.

NOTE: Queries around "What should I do now? or Where should I buy this etc or any personal advice related matters would not be answered.

This email support is for admin-related matters.

Indicator Update

Early access was given to many users. All feedback is being noted. Will incorporate what's feasible in the next version.

Now the focus will be on rolling out access to All eligible subs.

Followed by releasing a series of posts about how to best make use of it and various strategies along with the updated version of the HOW-TO GUIDE

If you are an annual ALL ACCESS sub and want access to the indicator then send an email (to the one mentioned above) with your tradingview username.

Positions Update

Super and Senate had a good week. Up over 350% since long given earlier this month.

GMEE up over 265%

WAGMIGAMES up over 130%

Many of the models longs have been firing hard.

Model continues to be long Majors BTC, ETH & SOL.

Coming to Model positions there have been multiple Exits and Entries.

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