Crypto Positions Update

NOTE: Everyone's request to get access to the indicator has been completed.

For any reason, if you have been missed then please send a reminder. Will get that sorted ASAP.

This is a quick update with a new long. Will do a longer update later in the week.

Everything mentioned in the update yesterday is still relevant so refer to that.

BTC is looking weak but

it could still just chop while Alts continue to rip.

Remember even a fortnight of ripping alt season is sufficient to make outlier returns.

Memecoin picks have been on fire and these are less than a month old longs.

WIF heading towards a 50x

They are looking primed for a lot more.

Bulk of the action and narrative continues to be in SOL and its ecosystem

Here is another long from the SOL ecosystem


Its a dex play. With JUP airdrop soon, dexes narrative is likely to heat up and ORCA will be one of the key beneficiaries.

Use the swing low on 8H as invalidation.

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