Crypto Weekly Update

Models continue to sit on CASH.

Most high-time frame setups continue to look weak.

Even the on-chain Alts seem to be cooling off.

As mentioned in last week's update

Considering the selloff has been quite strong, we could likely have a relief bounce in the coming week.

We had a $2000 move in BTC but it quickly gave up the gains.

Relief rallies usually tend to be sharp. But even that has been lifeless thus far.

If there's confirmation from LTF then there could be potential short opportunities in ALTs. Will publish those.

If you are following #LTFplay updates on @Web3Quant Twitter then remember to be nimble in positioning and be quick to enter/exit.

BTC would need to close above 28K for any sign of an uptrend.

Model continues to be in Capital preservation mode.

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