Weekly Crypto Update

Crypto is in the midst of an exhausting range. Everything mentioned in last week's update is still applicable.

A very interesting story where most of the crypto is focused currently is Rollbit. Wrote a thread on it. You can read it here

The best thing would be to NOT over-trade on LTF till we get a confirmed breakout. Liquidity is thin. There's gonna be a lot of scam wicks.  

$BTC closing above 31K would be the first sign of the resumption of the up move.

As mentioned in last week's update on USD.

There was a massive breakdown in the King dollar last week. There could be minor LTF pullbacks

We got the pullback. The trend is still bearish. Closing above 103 would invalidate it.

W3Q has published a How-To guide for those interested in learning how to best use the model insights. Check it out.

Coming to the Model positions, there have been no exits and 2 new entries.

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