Newsletter #7

Weekly Update  - 27 June 2022

The Model is still sitting on 100% cash and has been since Nov 2021.

In last week's letter, I wrote about the signs I am picking up about a potential bottom in Crypto. Since then we have had a very strong move across the board in both BTC and Alts.

There are lots of telltale signs that the bottom in Bitcoin could be really close if not already in.
Greed and Fear Index had a reading of 6, the lowest it has ever been.
Lots of unwinding and liquidation of big funds such as 3ac and others.
Most crypto OGs capitulating and giving insanely low targets.
CT has practically been a ghost town.
Mainstream media folks like Roubini Crammer, etc writing Crypto obituaries. These things typically happen at the tail end of the correction.

Is this a flash in the pan or a durable bottom formation? only time will tell.
I am just waiting for the Model to confirm the bottom signal. Will send out the note as soon as it does.

Below are the updated chart of top cryptos with Models signals from 2020 to date.

Polygon Matic

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