market update

last couple of days have been extremely volatile causing a lot of folks to throw in the towel.

from our standpoint nothing has changed from what was mentioned in the previous updates before all the carnage began.

we got a nice ripper of a rally but we haven't gotten a HTF trend confirmation YET.

among majors SOL is looking the strongest. dips in BTC ETH SOL are good opportunities to add.

we got a massive dip restesting near the previous lows and a strong rebound.

SOL has been and continues to be the strongest play among majors.

we still havent gotten a HTF breakout in majors but till then the playbook remains the same as before.

Coming to Alts

no change.

coming to memes.

BILLY has gone on a tear and continues to look one of the best plays along with POPCAT.

both are candidates to repeat the wif like move from last year.

Heres how the w3q custom meme index is looking

in terms of where we are.

it looks eerily similar (marked in circle) to the last meme capitulation event in april.

from here on likely path is bit consolidation before resuming the path higher.

now these are just my reading of the market as of now. views will change with data.

for precise quant stuff just use the indicator on the biggest memes on 3h/4h and wait for the breakout. that would be the cleanest signal.

see you in the next one.

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