Crypto Update

As mentioned in the last update

Model is still sitting on 100% CASH. No change.

Periodically there will be trading opportunities in LTF.

Lastly, even when the Model is into CASH there would still be trading opportunities in Alt/BTC cross-pair trades. Those would be published in the coming days till the model goes LONG again.

One such opportunity was yesterday.

The move played out pretty quickly and we touched 30K today.

When we get more durable opportunities in Alt/BTC pairs, will send out an update.

Also, till we get HTF trend reversal the Model will continue to sit on CASH.

NOTE: For those who are NOT active traders, only focus on Weekly and Midweek updates.

And those of you are like to trade actively, be nimble in sizing, manage risks, and take profits opportunistically till we get back to playing offense.

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