Crypto Update

In the last update, we had mentioned buying some PUTs for downside insurance.

VIX made a big move. Its up about 25%  in the last 3 days. SPX, NDX have been weak too.

But surprisingly Crypto is holding up really well especially considering how weak Tradfi has been.

While we wait for HTF confirmations on BTC and ETH, some of the Alts are already there.

If you are interested in only BTC and ETH for an LTF play then you can long with the invalidation levels of 24800 and 1530 respectively.

Coming to Model positions, it has gone LONG the following Alts.

PositionNameStatusInvalidation Level
LINKChain LinkLong5.5
ATORAirTOR ProtocolLong0.46
KATAKatana InuLong0.0003
RVFRocket ExchangeLong0.2

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