Announcement - Black Friday

I've never been a fan of Black Friday sales coz they feel gimmicky.

But a lot of followers have asked for it.

While speaking to many of them they explained that they usually save up for such events as almost all of the subscriptions have some sort of offers going on.

So in a way, it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Also, one other feedback I got was, that there was no prior announcement before closing down Monthly subscriptions which is typically done.

Both asks seemed fair so here it goes.

Will have a discount on the Annual as well as open up Monthly subscriptions for the next few days ONLY.

Will also ensure this pricing is grandfathered.

For Anyone who is interested in upgrades. Ghost platform will automatically prorate it and you would only be paying the difference.

Folks who have paid full price for All access. I wouldn't want you to feel short-changed either. I will always ensure early supporters are made whole.

3 months have been added to your subscription at no extra cost.

If someone has been missed, do reach out. Will get it sorted.

Thank you.

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