TradFi Premium Launch

TradFi offering has been launched and there is a 50% discount offered for an Annual subscription. The discount will end next week.

In terms of what to expect,

TradFi will be very similar to Crypto updates and

Will have WEEKLY updates with the Quant Model's entry/exits with invalidation levels.

In terms of coverage, it would have

  • Models Top Stock Picks (Will contain popular stocks such as Tesla, Apple, etc & Crypto Stocks)
  • S&P500 and Nasdaq100
  • ETFs (Tech, Semiconductors, Biotech, Blockchain, Metals & Mining, Oil & Natural Gas)
  • USD (DXY)
  • Bonds(TLT)
  • Commodities(Gold, Silver, Oil)

There's always a bull market somewhere

The idea is to have an All-weather Quant strategy that takes care of generating gains regardless of market conditions and regimes.

  • Growth (covered via Models top Stock picks, Tech ($XLK & $ARKW), Biotech($IBB), Semis($SMH), and Crypto ETFs($DAPP)

    Note: $ARKW has been chosen over $ARKK ETF, as that has better historical out-performance and trends better so we get cleaner Entry/Exit signals.
  • Cyclicals (covered via Oil ($XLE), Natural Gas ($FCG), Metals & Mining ETFs ($XME) and Commodities ($USOIL, $GOLD and $SILVER)
    Note: Metals & Mining ETF ($XME) has Gold miners, Steel, Copper, Aluminium & even Uranium companies.
  • Defensive's (covered via DXY($UUP) and Bonds ($TLT))

During the low inflation or Money printing or low-interest rates environment, the Growth bucket will do well as seen in 2020 and 2021 for instance.

During the high inflation, high-interest rates environment, etc Cyclical and Defensive bucket tends to do well as seen in 2022 for instance.

Depending on the flavor of the season, the Quant Model will position itself in the suitable asset classes and will be bullish or bearish accordingly.

During an extremely bearish scenario, it would just sit on CASH.

Thank you for your support!

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